Roof Rain Water Gutters

'JOTI' FRP Roof Rain Water Gutters

JOTI FRP roof rain water gutters along with MS support brackets are available in various sizes & are used in most of the industries. These gutters are installed for drainage of water on the roof of industrial building & can also be used as a part of rain water harvesting systems.

Joti FRP Gutters are manufactured as per your requirement or we can design the shape and size as per your roof size. Our scope includes design, manufacture, supply, install and commission. So it is a total job and you have no worries at all.

  • Good corrosion resistance due to inherent raw material constituents.
  • Light in weight & easy to install.
  • No atmospheric effects of water.
  • No maintenance.
  • Designed such that man can walk through it , if cleaning is required.
  • Standard fitting viz. stop ends & drop ends nozzles are also arranged.
  • Available in various shapes & sizes.
  • Special services of installation can be arranged.

Application :

Joti Roof Rain Water Gutter for Industrial Building, Textile Industries, Warehouses, Factory Building etc.